Wooden Mug

Wooden Mug

Ever feel like a Viking? Wanting to cheers with a mug that is distinguished as you, that compliments what you have on the grill. Get your drinking buddies jealous and make every guest at your next BBQ turn their head with your very own custom wooden mug. Your mug will Stand 7" tall and 5" wide holding over 35 fl oz. This type of capacity will allow more time at the grill and less walking grabbing a cold one. Now when your significant other calls you, you can tell them with confidence right after this drink. 


  • Product Info

    Wooden mug made from pine. The bottom of the mug is sealed with a blend of pine and other resins, engineered to provide food safe water-tight coating.

    The inside of the mug is sanded and conditioned with a blend of natural food safes waxes and oils. We condition the mug a minimum of 5 times before it leaves. Actual colors of stain may vary. We use Pre Stain conditioner to get the most even coat possible. Wood comes natually in different grain patterns and takes stain differently. We do everything within our power to get the most even penetrating coat. 

  • How to Wash

    Not Dishwasher safe. Hand wash in sink. 

  • Care & Maintenance

    We reccomend re conditioning the mug at least once a month. Only use food-grade conditioner. 

  • Production

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for production, we make each mug by hand. Your mug will have features no other mug has allowing for a truley custom one of a kind mug. 

  • Additional info

    If you are looking for something specific in your mug or a paticular color please dont hesiate to contact us.