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Our Story

The idea of the Backyard Spice Company has been marinating for years. Decades of cookouts and barbecue with our friends and family allowed us to enjoy time together and perfect our flavors. We wanted to find a way to bring a little of our backyard to yours.

We use hand selected, natural ingredients to provide the best flavor and the highest quality of seasonings. With aromatics and spices that boost the flavor of your favorite meats, vegetables and side dishes. 

We have a passion for making the tastiest menu imaginable. Whether it's a savory rack of smoked ribs, grilled vegetables or fresh from the water seafood; Backyard Spice is dedicated to making every bite flavorful. 

Welcome to our Backyard. We're happy you're here.  




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Backyard Spice at The Local

Backyard Spice is available at The Local, a farm-to-table grocery located in Cohoes, NY. Support a family business and a brick-and-mortar store at the same time.

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